Monday, 2 July 2012

Hello Monday

I have never felt happier to say, "Yay, it's Monday!"  My babies will fly home today.  It is the first time they have ever flown unaccompanied and I feel a bit nervous about that, but my parents will put them on the plane in Sydney and I will be waiting with a big smile on my face for them in Melbourne.  So, so exciting...Squeee!  I can't wait to hear more about their time away but I need their happy noises around me and feel the warmth in our house again.  It's funny how two little beings can change a place completely.  With just Martin and I here it was so quiet.  Lovely, but quiet without our two little loves.

Saying that, Martin and I did have a fabulous weekend.  We went to Lorne and then made an impromptu decision to go to Yarra Glen to see the Archibald paintings.  All wonderful, fun and exciting.

I'm linking my pictures to Lisa @ Lisa Leonard Designs for Hello Monday.

Hello beautiful Lorne.  Although the sky was grey we managed to go for a beautiful walk along the coast and out to the pier.  Thank goodness for our super dry coats and hoods.
Hello Yarra Glen.  
Such a picturesque and pretty part of Victoria.
 As we meandered along the roads it was like driving through a postcard.
Hello view from Tarrawarra  Estate where we saw the amazing paintings from the Archibald Prize 2012 (The Archibald Prize is awarded each year for outstanding portrait painting).  
It was interesting that the winning portrait 2012 was one which didn't actually have a face.  
Quite strange for a portrait competition.
Hello new blanket I am making for Grace.  
It is quite large and I know it will take a while to complete but it felt good to 
spend some time working on it over the weekend.
Now it's time to get ready to get my babes...yay!

Wishing you a happy week.


  1. Gorgeous pictures, especially love the Yarra Glen picture. Hello to you this Monday. :)

  2. Pretty pictures. Nice blanket too. I tried making one. It's about 2 feet wide and six feet long and it's stalled, for like a year. :-(


  3. wow! flying with out you... that is huge. i miss my kids when they are away. i miss the "warmth in our house," too. but like you i love to hear their stories, too...absence really does make the heart grow fonder.