Thursday, 31 May 2012

Skip the Frosting

The kids have some friends coming over this afternoon so I decided to make some cupcakes but silly me, when I got home, I realised I had no icing sugar to frost them.  I remember seeing a simple way to frost cakes using marshmallows on Pinterest so I decided to give it a go.

Here is what I did:
1.  I made a batch of cupcakes using my trusty Martha Stewart Vanilla Cupcake recipe.  I always use this recipe and I have never had anyone turn their nose up at it.

2.  About 2 minutes before the cupcakes were ready, I popped a marshmallow on top of each cupcake
3.  I continued to bake the cakes for another 2 (or so) minutes
4.  The cupcakes were taken out of the oven and left to cool.  
5.  I spread the melted marshmallow evenly (well as best as I could) over each cake.  
5.  Now it's time to enjoy them!  I think that the kids will devour these super quick.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Vintage Suitcases

Vintage suitcases make my heart leap for joy.

Not only are they good for storing things in but they look amazing stacked in a pile.  I love that they can transform into a glorified storage facility.  So many blogs have changed dirty, wobbly and clattery old suitcases into stylish versions of themselves - a suitcase makeover brings a smile to my face.  It's so wonderful seeing them elevated into pieces of decor and taking pride of place in a special room.

Credit must be given to Sophie and Dale from The Block who created and designed their suitcase draws last week.  They looked aesthetically pleasing and were made into a functional set of drawers.  I love that they already feature on Pinterest.

We will be going to The Mill Markets in a few weeks and I have my fingers crossed that we will find some suitcase beauties for our house.  I am itching to make my own little transformation.  Stay tuned for a post in a few weeks...

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Little SRC

This quiet, shy, reserved little poppet of mine was voted by her peers to represent her class on the SRC (Student Representative Council).  We are super proud of her.  You see, she has only been at this school for just over a year, she is in a 2/3 class (she is in year 2) and she is the smallest in her class in stature and size.  Never underestimate the little and quiet students!

Well done Gracie! xxx

She will receive her award at the weekly school assembly.  I can't wait to see her grin when they pin the SRC badge onto her uniform.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Hello Monday

  • Hello to getting our guest room ready for visitors this weekend - my mum, my sister and my sweet niece, Annie.  So, so excited...squeee!
  • Hello to creating a painting for a friend (it is still in progress).  I LOVE my painting time 

  • Hello to crafting a new way to display a photo for my visitors - I just need to get some photos developed
  • Hello to gym time.  I haven't been going that regularly but this mornings work out felt good.  
  • Hello newly sewn slippers and new bath mat for my one year old niece.  I can't wait for you to use them, Annie.  I hope they fit!
  • Hello to beautiful gifts from some friends who know me well.  I was very spoilt.  Thank you, friends. xxx
  • Hello to newly crocheted (one finished and one not quite finished) rugs for my babies.  It has been cold here and an extra rug to snuggle is what my babies needed.

I'm linking up with Lisa for Hello Monday!

Friday, 25 May 2012


I'm linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett!
life rearranged

Grace received the most beautiful letter in the mail this week from her pre-school teacher.  Her teacher had created a sweet necklace for McKenna to wear and also a tiny note just for McKenna.  Grace LOVES receiving letter in the mail but this one really made her day.  
Look at her big smile...I think it says it all.
Thank you, Juliet. x

Grace playing teacher.  
She was giving McKenna an English lesson.
I LOVE sleeping babies. 
 I could stare at them for hours.

We escaped the 'joy' of homework and headed to the park.  
Sometimes the homework battle is not worth it and the park is more inviting.
Who doesn't love bike riding, swings, sliding and monkey bar fun over homework?
If you're in Melbourne, rug up this weekend, it's going to be a cold and wet one...brrr!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Katie Daisy

In previous posts I have mentioned how much I enjoy painting.  It takes me to another place where I feel relaxed, dreamy yet on top of the world.  It such a beautiful way to spend the day - indoors or out.  It is not something I am great at, but it is something I gain a lot of pleasure from.

I love to paint a variety of things and I get inspiration from many places: an area I've visited, things/people in my life, other peoples work, a photograph or just by observing something I love the shape and form of.

At the moment, a lot of my inspiration is from Katie Daisy.  I want to paint like she does.  I ADORE her work.  She mixes watercolour and acrylic and creates AMAZING images.  She illustrates inspiring quotes using typography and also beautiful flora and fauna.  Whatever she is creating, her love of life and the world we live in radiates through her work

If you haven't visited her Etsy store, make sure you do.  It's worth the visit.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My Clunky Old Typewriter

This is my adored typewriter.  Yes, I'm old school.  I love the feel of the clunky keys and the sound it makes when it reaches the end of a line...ding!  It was given to me a while ago.  I love dreaming where it might have been before I possessed it.  An office? A high school?  Secretarial college?  But it is mine now - it's part of our family.

I love typing messages to the kids with it, and quite often, they respond back with a sweet message.  I also type daily affirmations and it makes my day when the kids read them before heading to school - almost as a reminder that their day will be fun and that good things are what to focus on.

It sits on display in our lounge room but it is in constant use with the kids banging out stories and letters to friends.  Somedays there is more banging (and hours of it) than literary genius.  I see it as an inexpensive tool with some amazing learning potential.

The kids and I have been thinking of a name for *her* - suggestions?  
Grace wants to call *her* Gloriana and Patrick thinks *he* should be named Heathcliff.
I think we need a family vote to decide if "Old Clunky" is a he or a she first, agreed?

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

How Much Per Tooth?

Gracie reached a milestone last week...she finally lost her front tooth.  It has been loose for a long time and it finally decided to let go at school last week.  She wouldn't let anyone help it along, though.  She didn't even like wobbling the tooth herself.  I think she gets that from me...ewww!

She is quite proud of that new little hole in her mouth and loves sticking her tongue through it!  On the other hand, I feel a bit sad now that it's gone. My baby girl is growing up!  I also think that something as tiny as a tooth can change a child's appearance.  They suddenly look older and those teeth can look so big in their tiny little heads.

Well, thankfully, the tooth fairy made it to our house on Thursday night.  Grace wrote a sweet card stating that she did not want money but some fairy dust instead.  Martin and I spoke about what to do.  Should we do as she wishes or keep it the same as always.  Patrick received $4 for his first front tooth, so should we do the same for Grace?  Oh, the dilemma.  

Gracie bounded out of bed at 6.30am - an unusual time for her because she LOVES a sleep in.  She ran down the stairs screaming with great excitement about what she found in her tooth pillow - a little note from the tooth fairy, fairy dust and $4, too.  She was thrilled...thank goodness.
I am not at all ready for the rest of her sweet teeth to fall out, but I guess I have no choice, it will happen.  Though, in a way I am loving her gorgeous gappy grin.

So, what is your family tradition for teeth?  
What is a reasonable amount to give a child per tooth?

Monday, 21 May 2012

iPhone Case ~ Tutorial

One of the favourite things in my handbag is my iPhone case.  I have a rule in my bag - things must be PRETTY and they need to be functional.  I need everything organised.  Everything in my bag has its place and my phone and keys are no exception.  I made this iPhone case many months ago and whenever I use it, I get a smile because I love the colours and I love that it stands out in my bag.  No mummy wants to be rummaging through their bag looking for keys and their phone, right? 

iPhone Sleeve Tutorial

What you need:
• One piece of contrasting fabric 10cm x 60cm for the ruffle edge
• Two pieces of fabric 27.5cm x 10cm
• Two pieces of fusible interfacing 25.5cm x 9.5cm
• Two piece of batting 25.5cm x 9.5cm
• One piece of fabric 6.5cm x 5cm wide for the tab

How to make your iPhone Case

  1. Fold the piece cm x cm in half with right sides together and sew along the edge
  2. Turn this piece right side out and press
  3. Using your longest stitch and with your machine on the lowest tension, sew straight down the middle of the fabric
  4. Gentle pull the back thread and gather your piece until it measure 27.5cm
  5. Set aside
*Making the Case
  1. Cut two pieces of fabric lengthwise with the grain  27.5cm x 10cm.  Make sure you cut accurately here.  The key to this project is cutting and sewing accurately.
  2. Fuse interfacing to the wrong side of fabric.
  3. Fold the tab (6.5cm x 5cm) piece lengthways into fourths and topstitch around all sides.
  4. Pin your gathered ruffle 2cm in on the fabric that will be on the outside of the case
  5. Remove the gathering stitch on the ruffle
  6. Place fabric pieces right side together, add batting to the wrong side and pin all pieces together.
  7. Fold tab in half and place in the middle of one of the shorter sides.Don't forget to add the tab!
  8. Sew all around with a 1cm (3/8") seam allowance
  9. Leave a 4cm gap on one side for turning
  10. When finished trim the batting from the seams and clip the corners
  11. Turn right sides out and carefully poke each corner out.
  12. Press
  13. Hand stitch the opening shut
  14. Top stitch the top and bottom
  15. Fold the piece in half with the tab on the back 
  16. Stitch as close to the edge as you can ensuring that all layers are caught.  (Be sure to go back and forth at the top and bottom to reinforce the seams)
  17. Add a split ring (not in the picture - I forgot to purchase one!
Now you have a beautiful and functional iPhone case. 

Sunday, 20 May 2012

I Heart France

I have always had a love of all things French.  I have French blood on both my mother and father's side, so, maybe that is where this love comes from. 

I love the architecture, the romance, the food, the clothes, the language, the beautiful streets and lane ways, the hidden parks, the wines, the country side and...the list goes on and on.

I  also heart this blog.  
Most of the posts are in French, but who cares? 
The photos are so inspiring and I get to dream a little each and everyday.

Do you have 'heart' a particular country?  

Friday, 18 May 2012


linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett!
life rearranged
Waiting for Martin to come home to celebrate his 40th birthday.  
He arrived with Nana, Pa and Aunty Elizabeth and the kids were thrilled.
The kids made these little questionaires about Martin.  
Apparently he is only 69 kilograms and 83 centimetres tall.  
A fat little dwarf.
Grace is not the best when it comes to anything that could hurt her or make her feel sore.  Her front tooth has been very wobbly all week, she was desperate for it to fall out and to have a visit from the Tooth Fairy but not if it meant anyone having a go at pulling the tooth. 

See the video below
Thankfully it fell out on its own accord at school.  Grace, being Grace, tucked it up safely in her pocket to ensure she had a visit from the Tooth Fairy.  She even went to sleep extra early just to be sure that the fairy arrived.  Thankfully, she did...phew!
 Night time fire snuggles with my two little babies.
 Wishing you a wonderful weekend, friends.