Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Right Now

Right now, I am...
~feeling grateful for a weekend full of entertaining and celebrating with family.
~loving watching the rain dance on my window as I sit in front of my lovely warm fire with a cup of tea.
~wondering how Paddy's NAPLAN test went this morning.  
~feeling the pull of the fire and being curled up with the new book that I received for Mother's Day.  Oh, and my basket of knitting nearby it. Yes!
~smelling the sour dough loaf cooking in the bread machine and looking forward to enjoying a slice for lunch
~wishing that we lived closer to our families
~smiling, hearing Paddy and Gracie's songs on my iPod this morning.  The kids get so excited when they hear their song and they always snuggle in closer.
~reminding myself not to complain about - the "mess"  when creating a school project.
~remembering the same for the piles of books the kids leave everywhere.  I guess that it is a good that they love to read.
~laughing at the kids fascination with stories from when Martin and I went to school.  It seems so long ago for them but like yesterday to Martin and I.
~finding comfort in moments of everyday ordinariness and routine
~deciding not to worry about my to-do list and take today slow.
~thinking about sewing Gracie some new winter woollen skirts.  Maybe one for me, too.
~sending you wishes for a lovely week, friends.
Patrick's diorama for school (he is still working on it)

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