Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My Clunky Old Typewriter

This is my adored typewriter.  Yes, I'm old school.  I love the feel of the clunky keys and the sound it makes when it reaches the end of a line...ding!  It was given to me a while ago.  I love dreaming where it might have been before I possessed it.  An office? A high school?  Secretarial college?  But it is mine now - it's part of our family.

I love typing messages to the kids with it, and quite often, they respond back with a sweet message.  I also type daily affirmations and it makes my day when the kids read them before heading to school - almost as a reminder that their day will be fun and that good things are what to focus on.

It sits on display in our lounge room but it is in constant use with the kids banging out stories and letters to friends.  Somedays there is more banging (and hours of it) than literary genius.  I see it as an inexpensive tool with some amazing learning potential.

The kids and I have been thinking of a name for *her* - suggestions?  
Grace wants to call *her* Gloriana and Patrick thinks *he* should be named Heathcliff.
I think we need a family vote to decide if "Old Clunky" is a he or a she first, agreed?

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