Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My Favourite Time of Day

Dinner is my favourite, most treasured time of the day.  Unfortunately, Martin is not with us often during the week (he travels a lot for work both internationally and domestically and when he is in Melbourne, he works LONG hours and he is not home by the time the kids and I eat) so I guess I have to correct myself  and say that WEEKEND dinners are my FAVOURITE time.  It is such a special time, a celebration of family life.  It's a time that we are all together, in one space,  A time to chat, enjoy, gather and be one. 

I like to put extra effort into dinner time.  Sometimes I create a special place with flowers, a drawing in the centre, a quote or daily affirmation to reflect upon, a candle (or two, or three).  However, lately, I've noticed that the children have started to take on this role.  They love to create their own atmosphere, their own scene.  Sometimes there are days where it feels laborious to make a fuss about the setting and of course, days when a slice of toast and a boiled egg are suffice, but even on those days, we still try to make our ritual as special as possible.  Even a small effort is worth it - as the busyness of the day quietens and settles for the day, even for a few minutes.  Events from the day are discussed, ideas and plans are shared, worries or concerns seem to come out, too.  The communication seems to flow at a steady pace.  It feels so right.  To me, it is what being a family is about.
It's funny to look back and see where our dinner celebrations have come from.  I have clear memories of kids in high chairs - mess, oh, the MESS, the occasional eyes closing from exhaustion, a wee one crawling under, or sometimes on top of the table.  Oh, joy!
We have two celebrations coming up this weekend and today the kids (with a bit of help from me) decided that we needed to get the table ready.  They are so excited to be celebrating Daddy's 40th and Mother's Day, with an extra blessing of having their grandparent's and an aunt to share the day with.  
Do you have a favourite time of the day?  


  1. You inspire me so, Jane :) I love your strong commitment to family and know that through doing this, Paddy and Gracie are having the best start to life and will go on and become loving, caring and generous adults.
    We're still at the highchair and mess stage (I should be cleaning the noodles and stewed apples off the table as we speak ;) but am trying to enjoy it as I know how soon it will be a distant memory!

  2. Oh, thank you, Juliet. I LOVE family routines and rituals. Due to the nature of Martin's job, we need to capture family time and make it precious. As I mentioned, I have such vivid memories of the highchair fun. You're right to enjoy it and make it special. I know that it is cliched but in a blink of an eye, they grow up...sigh! Enjoy the beautiful time with your babies. xxx