Wednesday, 16 May 2012

What a Morning!

This morning has not been the best.  Actually, it started perfectly, the kids got to school safe and well and I headed to the gym but from there, it was a slippery down hill slide.  My car died on me!  I was on a major Melbourne road when the gear box decided to do a crazy trick.  It would not get into gear to give me the power I needed to climb a hill.  Added to this, I had a tram right behind  No?  Thankfully, I somehow made it home.

RACV was called but as soon as the mechanic arrived, he left quickly because there was nothing he could do.  Juliet (my car) yes her name is Juliet - she is an Alfa Romeo and Romeo and Juliet go together.  SO I am now sitting here waiting for Juliet to be towed to a local mechanic. 

Now the fun begins of working out how to deal with no car until she is fixed.  I guess the tram will become my new best friend...sigh!

Poor Juliet stuck in our driveway.  
She didn't want to go into reverse so she was stuck like this as we waited for the tow truck to arrive.
The day can only get better from here.  Right?

I have a strong feeling that Juliet might be gone for good.  I think that it's time we find a new car to love.  Sorry Juliet!


  1. I shouldn't be laughing, but I love your choice of name!!! Juliet's are pretty tough..she may have some life left in her yet ;)
    Hopefully it's an easily solved problem!

  2. If this Juliet was as beautiful as you, we wouldn't be dealing with today's issue. The two of us aren't friends right now. Saying that. after extensive phone calls with the mechanic, I think that she can be salvaged. She is a tough little cookie after all. Unfortunately the solution is a tad expensive, though.