Friday, 23 November 2012

Nail Style via James Bond

OPI is my all time favourite nail polish brand and I love their new range - James Bond (a perfect marketing maneuver, right?).  I have my eye on You Only Live Once for my Christmas - the perfect shade of red for the festive season

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Being Thankful

I know that we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia but at this time of year I often reflect on what I am thankful for...

  • my beautiful boy, girl and husband.  They mean EVERYTHING to me
  • for my wonderful mum and dad who have always given me unconditional love and been there for me
  • for good health and strength
  • for our extended families
  • for friends near and far and wonderful friendships that I treasure with my heart
  • our warm, cozy and loving home - although we have lived in many houses we always make them feel like home - our home!
  • for the power to love others more than you ever knew was possible
  • for books and for libraries - my escape
  • for hugs
  • for beautiful stationery - especially gel pens
  • for wonderful schools that my children attend and I have the opportunity to be part of and work at
  • for knowing someone so well that you can finish their sentence or know what they're thinking before they say it.
  • for words - written and spoken
  • for a relaxing bath before bed
  • for my morning runs - priceless
  • for beautiful scents in the air - right now I love my lavender oil
  • for my two siblings who mean the world to me
  • for happy childhood memories that still make me smile
  • for hand written letters and cards - both given and received
  • for patience and perseverance
  • for roses, peonies and gerberas - my favourites!
  • for jokes that give me a belly ache
  • for my never ending to-do lists - they keep me focused
  • for a life that I am loving living
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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

With many family members visiting for Christmas this year, I am so excited about getting our home ready for the festive season.  The kids and I have decided that this coming weekend is the one for putting up the Christmas tree - much to Martin's dismay because he believes it should not go up until December.  We win!

I LOVE Christmas, it is my favourite time of year and I take it full on - craft, music, decorating, preparing Christmas treats and homemade gift giving. We also have a few traditions that are never broken - our Elf on the Shelf, Jake visits, we have a weekend in the city where we stay at a hotel and visit Santa, see the Christmas lights, purchase or make a Christmas decoration that is symbolic of the year and we also share a special Christmas meal at  a 'fancy' restaurant.  Other traditions include - writing to Santa, the Christmas books are out and each night we read one together under the Christmas tree lights,  Advent calendar and new Christmas pyjamas that I sew for the kids.  It is exhausting but I wouldn't change a thing about it and I know the kids wouldn't either.

Stay tuned for some Christmas photos next week. 
It is simply the most magical (and my favourite) time of the year.
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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Origami Love

I'd like to introduce you to the little lovelies that are decorating our house right now.

A samurai hat sitting on the top of the stairs

A little table that Grace made and left on her bed.

Another samurai hat sitting on our coffee table

A cute little plane that Patrick created.  It flies really well.

Grace received an origami set for her birthday and it has been a hit.  The set contains solid colour paper squares that have a fine texture yet easy to fold and the instructions are simple with matching illustrations and diagrams

I think that I'll be finding a lot more of these little creations around the house.  

It has become their new daily obsession.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Afternoon Tea with Friends

I enjoying getting ready for birthdays and making a big deal of them - putting up streamers, preparing the food, organising the games and waiting for everyone to arrive.  It makes me feel happy.  Although it all takes time and energy it is worth seeing the smile on my babies face and knowing that we are celebrating what is important to us - friends, family, fun, life and happiness.

To make the afternoon tea even more special for the girls the fine china came out . 
A lot of the china pieces have sentimental value as they're from grandparents and friends who are no longer with us.  It felt right to have them out in use for Gracie's birthday.

 Here is the little afternoon tea celebration we had for our little 8 year old, Grace Ellen.
 8!  Where, oh where did that time go?

With my baby girl.  
Yes, she will ALWAYS be my baby!

Pass the Parcel.
(Poor Paddy missed the party because he had basketball.  He wanted to play a small part in the party before he left so he organised the music for the game)

Food time!
We celebrated her day with some dolls, too.

Thank you Miss Gracie Ellen for bringing so much joy, love and happiness into our family.
You are the sunshine in our days.

Friday, 9 November 2012


When did my girl go and get so big?

Happy 8th birthday to my precious little Gracie.

Thank you to all who called, sent cards and wished her happy birthday.  
Every time the phone rang she had a big smile on her face.

We love you to bits, beautiful Gracie Ellen (Joycie) xxx

Friday, 2 November 2012

Trick or Treating

Firstly, I'm sorry for not being on here FOREVER but with working 5 days a week, the kids routines, extra curricula activities and life in general, the blog was put a bit on the back burner.  Saying that, we are all well despite the hot and then cold winter like weather.  Thank goodness for reverse cycle air conditioning.

In recent news the kids went trick and treating.  Now, this is not a huge thing here in Australia or for me personally.  In all honesty, the  concept is a challenge for me.  I'm not into the whole scary, the frightening, sugar overload or the commercialism of the event.  I just can't get my head around it but the kids wanted to head on out with some friends and I decided to grasp the community aspect and enjoy time with some neighbours and friends.
By the end of our neighbourhood walk,the kids baskets were full with sugar laden goodies but thankfully they both volunteered giving some to the sugar fairy in exchange for some books and art supplies. Which will be enjoyed over the four day weekend we have ahead of us.

I love living in Melbourne and enjoying two extra days with our family together and having two days off work to celebrate a horse race!!