Thursday, 22 November 2012

Being Thankful

I know that we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia but at this time of year I often reflect on what I am thankful for...

  • my beautiful boy, girl and husband.  They mean EVERYTHING to me
  • for my wonderful mum and dad who have always given me unconditional love and been there for me
  • for good health and strength
  • for our extended families
  • for friends near and far and wonderful friendships that I treasure with my heart
  • our warm, cozy and loving home - although we have lived in many houses we always make them feel like home - our home!
  • for the power to love others more than you ever knew was possible
  • for books and for libraries - my escape
  • for hugs
  • for beautiful stationery - especially gel pens
  • for wonderful schools that my children attend and I have the opportunity to be part of and work at
  • for knowing someone so well that you can finish their sentence or know what they're thinking before they say it.
  • for words - written and spoken
  • for a relaxing bath before bed
  • for my morning runs - priceless
  • for beautiful scents in the air - right now I love my lavender oil
  • for my two siblings who mean the world to me
  • for happy childhood memories that still make me smile
  • for hand written letters and cards - both given and received
  • for patience and perseverance
  • for roses, peonies and gerberas - my favourites!
  • for jokes that give me a belly ache
  • for my never ending to-do lists - they keep me focused
  • for a life that I am loving living
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