Monday, 28 May 2012

Hello Monday

  • Hello to getting our guest room ready for visitors this weekend - my mum, my sister and my sweet niece, Annie.  So, so excited...squeee!
  • Hello to creating a painting for a friend (it is still in progress).  I LOVE my painting time 

  • Hello to crafting a new way to display a photo for my visitors - I just need to get some photos developed
  • Hello to gym time.  I haven't been going that regularly but this mornings work out felt good.  
  • Hello newly sewn slippers and new bath mat for my one year old niece.  I can't wait for you to use them, Annie.  I hope they fit!
  • Hello to beautiful gifts from some friends who know me well.  I was very spoilt.  Thank you, friends. xxx
  • Hello to newly crocheted (one finished and one not quite finished) rugs for my babies.  It has been cold here and an extra rug to snuggle is what my babies needed.

I'm linking up with Lisa for Hello Monday!

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