Thursday, 24 May 2012

Katie Daisy

In previous posts I have mentioned how much I enjoy painting.  It takes me to another place where I feel relaxed, dreamy yet on top of the world.  It such a beautiful way to spend the day - indoors or out.  It is not something I am great at, but it is something I gain a lot of pleasure from.

I love to paint a variety of things and I get inspiration from many places: an area I've visited, things/people in my life, other peoples work, a photograph or just by observing something I love the shape and form of.

At the moment, a lot of my inspiration is from Katie Daisy.  I want to paint like she does.  I ADORE her work.  She mixes watercolour and acrylic and creates AMAZING images.  She illustrates inspiring quotes using typography and also beautiful flora and fauna.  Whatever she is creating, her love of life and the world we live in radiates through her work

If you haven't visited her Etsy store, make sure you do.  It's worth the visit.

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