Tuesday, 22 May 2012

How Much Per Tooth?

Gracie reached a milestone last week...she finally lost her front tooth.  It has been loose for a long time and it finally decided to let go at school last week.  She wouldn't let anyone help it along, though.  She didn't even like wobbling the tooth herself.  I think she gets that from me...ewww!

She is quite proud of that new little hole in her mouth and loves sticking her tongue through it!  On the other hand, I feel a bit sad now that it's gone. My baby girl is growing up!  I also think that something as tiny as a tooth can change a child's appearance.  They suddenly look older and those teeth can look so big in their tiny little heads.

Well, thankfully, the tooth fairy made it to our house on Thursday night.  Grace wrote a sweet card stating that she did not want money but some fairy dust instead.  Martin and I spoke about what to do.  Should we do as she wishes or keep it the same as always.  Patrick received $4 for his first front tooth, so should we do the same for Grace?  Oh, the dilemma.  

Gracie bounded out of bed at 6.30am - an unusual time for her because she LOVES a sleep in.  She ran down the stairs screaming with great excitement about what she found in her tooth pillow - a little note from the tooth fairy, fairy dust and $4, too.  She was thrilled...thank goodness.
I am not at all ready for the rest of her sweet teeth to fall out, but I guess I have no choice, it will happen.  Though, in a way I am loving her gorgeous gappy grin.

So, what is your family tradition for teeth?  
What is a reasonable amount to give a child per tooth?

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