Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sewing With Children

I'm not the only one around here who does sewing.  My two kiddies love to sew and stitch up a storm when possible and particularly during the winter months when we spend a lot more time indoors.

They have both done a bit of sewing and stitching before, both projects that we have created together and those that they instigate on their own.  They recently stitched these bookmarks for their grandmothers.  It is the issue with the machine that I find a bit more challenging.  They find it so tempting to push all the buttons, knobs and dials, while I worry about them breaking knowing that we'd be in for an expensive repair bill.  However, I  do want them to explore and discover but I 'hover' incredibly close when they use it.  I would love to give them the freedom to explore and just 'go for it' and get to know the machine at their own pace but I can't...not yet, anyway!

So, I got thinking and discussed with Martin the idea of purchasing a simple, sturdy and basic machine.  Lately they have both shown enough interest (Grace) and maturity (Patrick) to warrant us considering the purchase of another machine.  One that they can explore at their own will, pace and time.

If we go ahead with the purchase, I hope that it leads to lots of crafty kid creations.  I can see dolly clothes, dolly quilts, bookmarks, pencil cases and bags.  I also hope that it instills in them the love of homemade/handmade gifts that we can share and enjoy together.