Thursday, 26 July 2012


We are just about on the brink of another weekend and at our house, that is always a lovely feeling.  On Friday, an aura enters our home and it is filled with an extra dose of love.  The idea that we are together as one.  We seem to cram so much into the school/work week and to know that the pace will slow and we can enjoy home...together is wonderful.

Although we have lived in many houses, in many cities, home is the the most heavenly place.  It is our love, our security, our connection.  It is where we have picnics by the fire, board game nights, reading by candlelight and family dinners.  Every 'home' that we have lived in contains so many memories and has sentimental value.  
It is always easy to commit to a day inside our little sanctuary - story telling, watching a movie that we can all enjoy together or just taking life slow.  The kids beg for 'home' days and to say yes is for my enjoyment as much as it is theirs.
This is our life.  This is our home.