Monday, 9 July 2012

Hello Monday

We had such a great weekend.  The weather was gorgeous so we were able to get out and about check some things off our holiday list.

I'm linking up with Lisa for Hello Monday...

Hello lava lamps -
We had a craft/experiment day on Friday and the kids really wanted to make these.  We made the bubbles over and over again.  It also helped that we had our two neighbours over to join in the lava fun.

Hello Ivory soap experiment -
It was fun to watch the soap grow and grow.  I'm glad we read the instructions about how to handle the soap after it has been heated otherwise we would have flaked soap all over the kitchen.  Not a fun cleaning job.

Hello lunchtime -
Martin attended a work conference last week.  It was only a short distance from home so we snuck in and met him for lunch.  It was such a tease having him so close to home but not having him with us...sigh!
Hello city trip -
Last week I took Patrick and two of his friends into the city to see the Game Masters at ACMI.  Despite the queues they enjoyed it.  I had fun looking at the old pinball machines and TVgames. While we were there, Grace enjoyed some time with a special school friend.

Hello Fishing Trip -
The kids have been wanting to go fishing since Christmas.  Santa brought them some fishing rods and we haven't had a chance to use them yet but with the weather being so beautiful on Saturday, we had no excuse.  We headed down to Williamstown and enjoyed the sun.  We didn't have any luck catching fish but we did enjoy the seaside, sun and shell searching.
Hello McKenna -
Grace insists that McKenna joins us on each and every family expedition.  She always ensures that McKenna is safely strapped into her seat.  Apparently, sunglasses are a much needed fashion accessory.  This doll brings so much joy, happiness and fun into Gracie's life.

Hello school holiday sleep over -
The kids love taking it in turns to sleep over in each others room.  It takes a lot longer for them to settle to sleep each night but I love hearing them giggle and reading each other stories.  Yes, I do hear the occasional frustration at each other, too....grrr!

Wishing you a happy week, friends.

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  1. Love those larva lamps, I think I'll have a go with my daughter, she'll love them. Love McKenna and her shades! Have a great week. :)