Monday, 30 July 2012

Hello Monday

Hello Monday!
I'm linking up with Lisa for Hello Monday.

Hello my sweet little Grace receiving an award at the school assembly.  
She is quite a good limerick writer and received an award for creating fun, crazy and silly limericks.
It must be the Irish blood running through her veins.
Hello our lovely fire.  
We love snuggling around you at night - reading books, watching the Olympics and just being together.
Hello birthday gathering for a lovely friend who turned 40.  
We celebrated at another friends house with lots of laughs and amazing food.
 Hello Chutes and Ladders.  
We have had this game since we lived in Perth (Grace was a newborn and Paddy was three).  
It is a game that comes out of the games cupboard regularly.
 Hello cupcake party. 
Grace went to a friends party on the weekend.  
It was a cupcake party - an amazing cupcake party.
  It was so well organised and Grace said it was one of the best parties she has ever been, too.  
Now, that is saying a lot because this girl of mine has been to many wonderful parties.
Hello amazing rainbow and grey sky over Richmond.  
This was followed by rain.  
Lots and lots of rain! 
Hello babies that are growing up before my eyes.

 Hello Medal Tally.  
The  Olympics are a hit at our house and the kids are enjoying keeping a tally of all the Australian medals.  Come on, Aussies!
Wishing you a wonderful week, friends.

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