Monday, 16 July 2012

Hello Monday

Hello friends and hello Monday!

We are all ready for a new week here.  Uniforms are out and ready, bags are packed and sorted and two kids are anticipating a new school term full of exciting discovery and learning.

We did have a fun weekend to end the school holidays, though.  We still had a few things to tick of our school holiday list so we did our best to complete what we could.  Unfortunately the weather played a big part on not getting everything ticked off...that's Melbourne for you!

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Hello Costco Pizza Slices -
I had to get some groceries and the kids begged for some Costco pizza.  Paddy devoured his pizza slice in no time at all but little Gracie never even finished a quarter of a slice.  They are so huge!

 Hello Scienceworks in Spotswood-
A visit to Scienceworks was on our holiday list and I am so glad we went.  We had such a great time seeing the Wallace and Gromit exhibition and we also went to the planetarium.
Hello  Shaving Cream Fun -
The giggling as they sprayed each other was infectious.  Martin had the shower and bath running so they could wash off ASAP.  
Hello a Hamper to Those in Need -
The kids made a scarf (using some woollen material and scissors) and we wrapped a Coles gift voucher, some biscuits and soap for a homeless person who sits on the verge near our local Coles.  The kids always comment how sad he looks and we hope that our little hamper made his day a bit brighter and happier.

Hello Family Drawing Time -
We love our Family Drawing Time.  This time we all had a go at drawing an eye.

Hello Competition Winners -
Paddy and Gracie entered a drawing and colouring competition and they both received a prize...hooray!  They won a gift voucher from Amazon Now the fun begins on what they should buy with their winnings.  They are both enjoying looking at the catalogues online.  Such big decisions!

Hello Maldon and Castlemaine -
We decided that we needed some time away from Melbourne so we went for a drive to historic Maldon and Castlemaine.  It must be compulsory that every country town in Victoria has a lolly shop.  The kids love looking at all the old treats and seeing which ones Martin and I enjoyed as kids.  Grace was exhausted and had a good afternoon kip on the drive home.

Hello Little Cyclist -
Grace is not a huge bike rider.  She prefers her scooter.  I think it is because she lacks confidence on her bike.  Well, not anymore.  She even smiled as she rode it on the weekend.  Go Gracie!

Wishing you a happy week, friends!