Thursday, 19 July 2012

Right Now

~ Right now ~

*I am praying for my Mum who has been unwell.  She is on the road to recovery now but we had a big scare on the weekend.  It makes you realise just how fragile life can be.  I love you, Mum and I am so grateful that you are okay.

*I am looking out to my garden and realising that I need to get out there and weed it.  Not fun but it needs to be done (10 Minutes!)

*I have a pile of paper work that needs to get sorted.  I have been ignoring it but today is the day that I attack it.

*I have cast on a cardigan for Gracie.  I love having something on my needles again.

*I have my fingers crossed for this competition at Lisa Leonard .  The bag that I would love to win is called Gracie.  I think that it's a good sign.

* I am grateful that the sun is setting a little later.  It is awful when it starts getting dark before Paddy arrives home from school.  Bring on warmer weather and more light in our days...come on, Melbourne!

*I am looking forward to my in-laws visiting in a few weeks.  We love having family with us.

*I am missing our vegetable garden in Sydney.   I always loved cooking with our winter vegetables.  Unfortunately we don't get enough sun  in our garden here to warrant a veggie patch.

*I am loving that everything feels good here.  The kids seem happy to get back into their school routine and to be back playing with their school mates.

*I am enjoying playing Words With Friends.  I play with a lot of my friends from Sydney.  It is such a great way to keep in touch and play a game of Scrabble, too (It's my favourite game from way back.  We had some great family competitions when I was growing up)

*I can't get enough of hearing the kids say "I love you!" to each other.  Yes, they have their moments, but they are great friends and I feel darn lucky (I am sure this will change in the teenage years - but I hope that it doesn't)