Friday, 27 July 2012


10 Random facts :

*I am glad that it is Friday and we can be together as a family...AGAIN!  Martin's travel schedule has been CRAZY!  We miss him when he's away.  We have not had a lot of time together since we got back from the US.
*I LOVE the Olympics and cannot wait for them to start tomorrow morning.  I might even get up at 5am to watch the opening ceremony live.
*Today I celebrated a special friends 40th.  I am so grateful for friends near and far.  Really grateful
*I am going through a phase where I hate my crazy curls and dream of beautiful straight hair.
*I cannot believe that Paddy will be turning 11 in just a few weeks.  He wants to celebrate in a small way and go to the movies with a few mates (He is growing up!)
*Grace has the day off school on Monday and I cannot wait to spend a day with her.  I'm seeing dolly dressing, nail polish and a visit to a special cafe for lunch
*Our special friends who moved from Sydney to Melbourne have been in Croatia and the Netherlands for 5 weeks and have just arrived back to Melbourne.  We've missed them and look forward to hearing all about their trip and seeing them again.
*I had a pedicure this week (something I do maybe once a year) and it felt so good to relax.  I can show my feet in public again.
*I had so many SMS's and phone calls to check that my mum is okay after I mentioned it in a post a few weeks ago.  It makes me realise just how lucky I am to have such special and dear friends.
*I am really looking forward to spring.  I have had enough of winter.  Sydney winters are a lot easier and more comfortable than a Melbourne one.  I sometimes dream that I'm in Sydney when I drive around Melbourne, especially when the grey skies seem to be continuous.