Thursday, 12 July 2012

Back to the Joy of Fun

Last week when the kids flew back to Melbourne poor Gracie had a sore ear and a temp.  It was awful being away from her and worrying about her getting on the plane and not knowing if she would be okay.  I HATED it! My mum and dad rung and asked what was the best course of action.  We decided that they would take her to their local doctor just to be sure that her ear was okay for flying and that she in herself would be okay, too.  Thankfully the ear was not infected so she got the a-okay for flying and her temperature was only slightly elevated.  The doctor suggested she take some Nurofen for Children before the flight to stop any pain that may be there and to maintain a normal temperature.  Mum had some Nurofen in her fridge so after a dose in the morning and a second dose before the flight we had one happy, pain free girl.

Look how carefree she bounded off the plane.  
I think the Nurofen did the trick.
I cannot tell you how grateful I was to see her (and Patrick's) smiling face. 

Thank you Nurofen!  

The doctor stated that Nurofen gets temperatures back to normal faster than paracetamol.  

...and that meant not only did I have one happy girl but it meant that we could get straight back into the joy of being together and the magic of discovery.

It was so great to get back into our groove.  The first place they both wanted to go to was the park.  It is one of my favourite places to go and discover, too.  I love watching them have fun and explore new things about the world and the environment.  I am always in awe of how this differs with each child and with their ages.  They never stop discovering and learning.

At the moment, Patrick loves timing things.  In fact, he loves timing everything!  Before going anywhere he checks that I have my iPhone with me so that he has my stopwatch app available.   When we're at the park, he will go on the monkey bars and ask me to time how long it takes him to do one row and then two and then three...  It is like he is in competing with himself.  He even asks if he can graph it...hee, hee.  

Grace, on the other hand enjoys pottering.  She LOVES nature and is happiest when we visit a park that has flowers.  She sometimes picks a few, arranges them into a little bunch or brings them home and puts them in her flower press.  She also loves to draw them and find out their botanical name and puts them in her little journal.

Me - I just feel so incredibly lucky to have two great, fun-loving and healthy kids.