Friday, 29 June 2012


This week on my phone camera.  I'm linking up with Jeanett at Life Rearranged
life rearranged

I have not been out and about much this week.  I should have because we've been child free but I haven't felt like it.  I am really missing them.  It is suppose to get easier when they get older but in all honesty, it doesn't for me.  I LOVE having them here.  They're great company and when they're here my heart is full.  I know it's cliched but it is how I feel.

The kids have had a blast, though.  They have been keeping me up-to-date with their frivolities.  They've visited friends from their school in Sydney, been staying up late, spending time with Nanny and Poppy and Grace even spent the day at work with my Mum.  Tonight they're spending time with my sisters kids and sleeping the night.  Fun!    No doubt they'll have lots more to share with me when they arrive back home.

In the mean time I visited Industrial Revolution in Armadale.  It's a treasure trove full to the brim with fun things for the home.  It always bring a smile to my face.
...and I couldn't leave empty handed and bought these great vases.  
When the kids get back we'll go flower shopping and I'll let them add some colourful fun.
Martin and I are heading away for the weekend. 
 I was in need of a new toiletries bag so I whipped this one up.  
All girls need a pretty toiletries bag.

Today I started a chevron blanket for Gracie.  
Yesterday I went to Lincraft to purchase the wool and to get my 30% off because they had a store wide sale.  Well, as I entered the store I read the fine print and it didn't include yarn...aghhh.  
It cost a bit more than I anticipated but I know she'll love it and I want to work on it over the weekend when we're traveling in the car.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, friends. 


  1. I love your new vases and I totally agree... All girls need a cute toiletries bag! Yours is super cute and I'm so impresssed that you just "whipped it up!"

    1. It really is a super easy sew.
      I have a tutorial on my blog -

      I just sewed it without the strap and changed the dimensions. I also have a bit of a fabric stash at the moment and that helps with matching them up to make it extra 'pretty'.