Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Teacher in the Making

When we moved house I got rid of Grace's blackboard easel.  It was Paddy's when he was young and then Gracie's and it had seen better days.  Well, since the day I left it on the verge for some other little family, I have come to realise that I made a big mistake.  You see, since that day, Grace knew that her blackboard easel had gone and she has asked for it back.  Whenever we pass them in the toy store she points the blackboard easels out and tells me that it will be on the top of her Santa list this year.  I've been feeling a tad guilty about the ease that I got rid of it so I decided to surprise her with a new one, not an easel but a blackboard perfect for a 7 year old.  
I purchased some MDF from Bunning for $3.50 and a tin of blackboard paint for $12 and headed home to create a new spot of fun for my girl.  After three coats of paint and a visit to Spotlight for some little tins for chalk ($5) and a bow to pretty it up - the surprise was ready
...and what a surprise it was.  She was thrilled - nearly as much as Patrick was.  As I type here now the two of them are happily playing teachers and students.  I know this will be a place of many fun games for the two of them and their friends alike.

The moral of the story...never get rid of toys before their playing days are up.


  1. We loved our blackboard growing up :) I can see both your children as teachers one day - just like their mum! Love how McKenna is watching in the background, she must rarely leave Grace's side!

  2. Yes, McKenna is a constant companion. As for the teaching - who knows? Right now Paddy wants to create computer games and Grace would like to be a writer and illustrate her stories. I'm sure this will change 101 times before they reach that stage of their lives. How is everything going with the move? Not long now.