Friday, 15 June 2012

Our Nest of Happiness

Last weekend I was de-cluttering our garage when I spotted a nest of tables that I had totally forgotten about.  They were tucked at the back of some boxes and were collecting dust.  On closer inspection I remembered why they were in the garage - they're ugly.  Handy, yes but such an unsightly shade of brown.  I knew that I wanted to refurbish them but I loathe sanding.  I think it is the one thing that has held me back from refurbishing some of our other furniture pieces.  I decided to Google a way of refurbishing without sanding and came across the magical trick - PRIMER!
This stuff worked like magic...hooray!  It cost me $3.50 a can and I purchased two of them.  I actually applied two coats on each table because I wanted to be sure it did the job.  Each coat dried it less than 10 minutes and I was ready to apply the colour.  I decided to use spray paint because I wanted to use an oil paint but didn't want the hassle of using turpentine to clean the brushes.  I applied two coats of colour spray - a total of four coats (2 coats primer and 2 coats colour).  

I really like how they turned out and the pop of colour adds a warmth that our beige filled room needed.

 See the before and after so much better, right?

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