Wednesday, 20 June 2012

School Holidays

It's that time of year holidays.  Patrick's school finishes this Friday for a three week break and Grace finishes next Friday for 2 weeks.   It is a tradition in our house to make a holiday *wish* list.  We list everything from things we know we will do to the things we *hope* to do.  It is actually a great motivator for the kids and me.  They love marking things off the boxes.

The lists are hung right next to the kids desk where not only can they reach them but they can easily read the activities and we can plan them together.
...and as a reminder that the holidays are not just about them, we created a list of things to do for others. I hope that it encourages them to think of others before themselves.   I have emphasised to them that each list is just as important as the other.

Now bring on the holiday.  I'm looking forward to being together, enjoying each other's company and having loads of FUN!

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