Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sewing Thank You Cards

I am a believer in sending a handwritten note to say thank you.  Sometimes it takes me longer than it should to complete them but I *usually* get my act together and head to the Post Office with envelopes in hand.  Now that we have lived in so many countries and different cities we get quite a lot of mail - cards, gifts and letters.  The kids, Martin and I are always so grateful for friends and families kindness and generosity.  I feel bad when I don't get my act together to send a note back to show my gratitude that I decided to get my act together - I created a stack of cards ready to go.

~What you need~
  • A stack of blank cards (I got mine at Riot Art and Craft)
  • Fabric scraps (I had plenty around here)
  • Lace or ribbon (yet again, I had some scraps around the house)
  • Permanent fabric pen or a Sharpie
Step 1:  Cut your fabric into little flags.  The width that I used was 4.5cm and the length 7cm.

Step 2:  Using your fabric marker write "Thanks" or a special message to reflect your gratitude on the bottom of the flag.

Step 3:  Using the longest stitch on your machine (I used 5) attach the lace (or ribbon) and  fabric flag.
 N.B I did not go back and forth at the end of each card because I was worried that the extra stitches would tear the card.

Step 4:  Match the card to their envelope and store them in a place where you can grab them easily and write your gratitude and thanks to others ASAP.

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