Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Something that Drives me MAD!!

Something that drives me MAD is lateness.  I don't care if I sound rude or 'old fashioned' for posting this but it drives me NUTS.  My parents, in particular my dad, have instilled in me and my sibling the importance of being on time.  From a young age it was drilled into me that it shows respect, is good mannered and demonstrates consideration.  I just want to know when did it suddenly become okay to be late?  Worse still, when did it become okay to be a serial offender?  Yes, we all know them.

I think my biggest bug bear is when you invite someone to your house and they rock up 30 minutes late.  We've even had people arrive an hour late or later...grrr!  It is RUDE, selfish and inconsiderate!

Everyone's time is precious to them and no one should have the arrogance to think that their time is worth more than yours.  There are of course exceptions to the lateness rule - things way out of anyones control, like traffic or flight delays etc.

I know that some may consider this silly and I should let it go, but really why should I?  If you have a plan, agree on a suitable time, why shouldn't all parties expect to be meeting at that time?

Now, I do not want people to take this the wrong way.  I agree that occasionally I have been late, I am not the perfect time keeper, but if I am late I feel bad and in general I have a good reason for my tardiness.  In fact, I sometimes feel sick in my stomach as I watch the clock tick by and realise that I won't make it one time.

I know that we are all different and we have our own personal expectations and standards, so I suppose I should accept that and move on but there are some people who do it all the time. Like NEVER on time and that is when I get MAD!

That is all I want to say about that!


  1. Absolutely Jane and well said!! It drives me insane also- and you're right, who cares if people thing its old fashioned -get some manners!!

  2. Oh and also, hope you're having a good day ha,ha xx

  3. You too, Susie. We're looking forward to Sunday. Let's hope for good weather.

  4. Hello Miss Jane. I hopped onto your blog as soon as I got home. I love it. But now that I've read this post, I'm feeling a little scared. Sorry for being late to brunch this morning :) Much love, Deb x

  5. Hello Miss Deb, Your post made me laugh. How funny that you read the post straight after this mornings brunch. Maybe I will have to give some friends a bit of leeway. Jane x