Monday, 18 June 2012

Moving On

When you live away from family, friends play an even more significant part in your life.  Some friends become your home away from home family.  You celebrate milestones with them, you see each other a lot and your children become more like siblings.  We have been fortunate enough to live in some amazing places - Princeton, New Jersey (United States), Sydney, Perth and now Melbourne.  In every single city we have been incredibly lucky to have amazing friends/family.

This past weekend was very bittersweet.  Friends who we have known from many years (prior to our children being born) left Melbourne for a new adventure with their family.  They are heading to Fiji to be missionaries.  Although we are excited for them and the experiences they have ahead of them, we're sad that they've left Melbourne.  I know that's selfish but this family are incredibly special to us and we're going to miss them lots.

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