Monday, 4 June 2012

Hello Monday

Linking up with Lisa Leonard and Hello Monday. 
Hello cute little foot.  
We had my mum, sister and niece visit this weekend.  
I think my niece, Annie took this picture herself.  
I miss them already...sigh

Hello basketball.  
Patrick loved having the family visit to see him play basketball.  
Here they are walking into the basketball arena.

Hello sweet, sweet (and sleepy) baby girl.  
We love you and our hearts are so sad that you're back in Sydney.

Hello my pram pushers.  
They both LOVED pushing the pram around the streets of Melbourne.  
Such a novelty for them.

Hello to Patrick singing in the school singing competition.  
It was colour team against colour team.  
Paddy's team came third out of four teams.
The blue team won and they deserved it.
Hello Freaky Faces app.  
The kids LOVE taking photos and adding freakiness to them.  
If it keeps them happy while we're out and about, I'll deal with the crazy photos.

Hello my little SRC.  
Gracie received her badge at the school assembly during the week.

Wishing you a happy week, friends.

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  1. Hello! Stopping by from Hello Monday. My kids love those crazy photo apps too! How did we entertain ourselves back in the day!?