Monday, 11 June 2012

Hello Monday

Hello to a gorgeous LONG weekend!

We spent today with our neighbours and then headed to Williamstown to watch the sunset.  
It was cold but so, so pretty.  
I left my phone and camera at home so I didn't get any!

Hello to celebrating a special little girls 4th birthday.  
We are so lucky to have wonderful friends move from Sydney to Melbourne.  Our children attended the same school in Sydney and now our kids are back together at the same schools in Melbourne and even better they are just a short stroll down the hill from us.  We LOVE it!  
We have an instant Melbourne family...hooray!
Honestly, how lucky can we be?  
Look at the fun our kids (and us) have together.
Hello to biscuit decorating at the birthday party,

Hello to one of the most beautiful chocolate designs I have ever seen.     
It's far too pretty to eat.
Hello to rugged up park visits.  
It's been cold here lately but that doesn't stop us getting out and about.

Hello cafe time!  
We went with another group of friends from Sydney.
They have lived in Melbourne for 5 months 
but we are all so sad that this is their last week here.  
We will be with them next weekend before they head back north to Sydney.  
We are sad...really sad (for us) but happy for them because 
they have many fun adventures ahead of them.  

Hello to a delicious breakfast organised and cooked by Gracie.  
She made a menu and took our orders on her little heart 
notepad and then headed to the kitchen to get cooking.  
She did a great job.  
I kept peaking into the kitchen just to check 
but she had everything under control.
Thanks, Gracie!


  1. Stopping by from Hello Monday! Looks like a lot of fun! Happy Monday!

  2. That cannot be chocolate! When I first glanced at it, I was like "Ooh, where can I buy that wall art from? Etsy?"

  3. Lovely photos - love 4th birthday parties and that chocolate cake is totally awesome. Have a fantastic week. :)