Friday, 8 June 2012

Proud Mummy Moment

Since he was 7 years of age Paddy has played the trumpet and in my opinion played it well and picked it up quite quickly.  This year when he started at his new school he had plans to continue the trumpet but the Music Master had other ideas.  Apparently at the start of the school year, all students sit a number of tests to work out which instrument suits them best.  I was quite taken back when the music master rang me to say that Patrick had achieved a perfect score -  for the oboe.  What?  The oboe?  I headed to Google to clarify the sound of the oboe.  I knew what one looked like but what did it sound like?
Well, since March, Paddy has had one oboe lesson a week (30 minutes) and one band session (25 minutes).  He practises most days but in all honesty, I cannot help him out - not only am I not musical, I have no idea how too.

Today Patrick had his class concert and played his oboe.

I was amazed at how confident he was and how he played every single note clearly and distinctly. I'm so proud of my boy!  Well done, Paddy. x

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  1. Cool! I think it's a really awesome idea for the school to test the students to work out which instrument suits them the best! :)