Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Grandparents Day

Grandparents descended upon Gracie's school today to celebrate Grandparents Day.  The children displayed some of their classroom work and each class did a special performance.  Some classes recited poetry and others sang songs.  Following the classroom visit and performance, the grandparents enjoyed a special morning tea.
Gracie was incredibly lucky because my parents flew down to Melbourne to make her day.  She was so excited to have them here.  She had a grin from ear to ear as she proudly showed them around the school and introduced them to her friends.
Thank you Mum and Dad for making her day! xxx


  1. Oh how lovely -what gorgeous grandparents!! I only just got your phone messages today as I left my phone in Canberra and is only arrived in the post today. But yes we had a good trip back, with a relaxing couple of days in the Canberra cold. It was good though, to have a bit of a break after leaving our course, before hitting home and family again -just to have time out and gather ourselves a bit. That is gorgeous of grace to say about us leaving -what a shame her and Soph cant see more of each other -I'm sure they would be best buds eventually.Its good to be home though and see cousins in hols etc.. our unit is bigger than we thought, and although old and grandma-ish is really cosy.I will miss chatting with you in person -I could happily do that for hours with you, but will instead look forward to your blogs. Love to Martin and the kids xx

  2. Yay, you arrived safe and well. I'm so glad you had a safe trip back, we thought of you all the way, especially when we had the earthquake! You timed your trip home perfectly! I miss our chats too but mostly we miss knowing that you are only a short drive away. I hope Amanda had a great 40th and you are now enjoying settling back into 'home' albeit for a short time. xxx