Thursday, 7 June 2012

Knitted Dishcloth ~ Pattern

When I was young my maternal grandma (my Mama) always used crocheted washcloths and dishcloths.  At that time I just didn't get it.  Yes, I thought they were beautiful but I couldn't work out why she would make something so pretty to clean the dishes or to wash her face.  It seemed like such a waste.

However, now that I crochet and knit my own I totally get it.  These cloths are so beautifully.  They looks pretty in the kitchen (or bathroom) and are such a quick and easy knit.  In fact, I think they are a perfect way for beginners to learn new stitches and improve their knitting skills without the worry of expensive yarn. Plus they are quick to finish.  It is so satisfying finishing something in a short period of time.

I also think they make for a lovely gift wrapped up with some handmade soap.

Personally, I prefer my dishcloths to be on the smallish side and I like them to be textured.  The pattern below can be altered to create your own cloth size.

Yarn - 1 ball of cotton yarn (I used Moda Vera bamboo/cotton ~ purchased at Spotlight $3.50 a ball)
Needles - 4mm 

  • Cast on 35 stitches
  • Knit 8 rows
  • Row 9 - knit
  • Row 10 -K4 *K1, P1 repeat from *knit last 4 stitches
  • Row 11- knit
  • Row 12 -K4 *P1,K1 repeat from *knit last 4 stitches
  • Repeat rows 9-12, 9 more times
  • Knit 8 rows
  • Cast off and weave in ends

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