Monday, 6 February 2012


I have a certain little boy in my house who is allergic to!  In all honesty he deals with it quite well and maturely.  Me on the other hand, yes I stress, yes I worry but I do my best to make sure my boy is safe and well.

Yesterday, Patrick happened to be peaking over my shoulder when I came across this delicious recipe.  His initial response was "Yum!"  We looked at the recipe together and noticed that it had peanut butter and he commented how unfair it was because they would be something he'd like.  I felt bad for him because so many recipes or food products we see look mouth watering but we can't have them at our house because we are a 100% peanut-free household.

Rewind to today - and I thought I could make them for him using tahini instead of the peanut butter and they turned out beautifully and in my opinion taste great.  I have packed some into his school lunch box for tomorrow with a little note letting him know they are 100% nut-free.

I hope he enjoys them!

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