Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Yes, I Knit

My Mum was the one who taught me to knit (and sew and craft and use my time wisely).  I remember so clearly watching over her shoulder when I was 6 or 7 years old and being mesmerised as her needles moved at a million miles an hour.  I started knitting with the standard scarf (or two) and then moving onto my first jumper when I was in Year Six - 11 years of age.  I distinctly remember how incredibly frustrated I was when I dropped a stitch or it didn't look right and then watching patiently as my Mum corrected my work and made me feel better about what I was trying to achieve.  I think that secretly she would 'fix' my mistakes when I was asleep.

It was about 5 years ago, when Grace was still a toddler and Patrick had started school that I decided to pick it up again.  As I looked at the patterns that seemed all too hard, everything slowly came back to me.  It was as if everything clicked.  Since then, I have had something on my needles.  It is always around me.  It is who I am!  And sometimes, more often than not, I have a little girl next to me asking me to pick up her stitches and secretly I'm fixing her work while she is tucked up in bed.  It's wonderful to see that it has come full circle. 

Ah, the magic of knitting is well and truly alive in our house and it warms me to the core.

Check out some of my knitting ideas on my Crochet/Knitting page on Pinterest.

My newest knitting project is the Boot Toppers below.  After living through one Melbourne winter I know how much I need to keep warm and autumn is just around the corner...yikes!

Source: ravelry.com via Jane on Pinterest

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