Sunday, 26 February 2012

Do You Speed Scrabble?

Do you Speed Scrabble?  
It's a huge hit in our house.  I love it because it focuses on spelling, reading and grammar but is disguised as a fast paced game.  The kids love it because it's fun, quick and competitive - after all, they're competitive little souls.  I used it all the time when I was teaching and even had whole class competition going!

I know everyone has their own rules for Speed Scrabble but this is how we play.  It is similar to the rules of Bananagrams

Set Up

  • Speed Scrabble uses the standard letter tiles used in Scrabble
  • The game does not use a Scrabble Board but you do need a flat surface to play on
  • Each player needs a Scrabble rack
  • A pencil and a piece of paper is needed to keep score 
  • A 60 second timer or stop watch 

How to Play

  1. Each player draws a tile out of the letter pile.  The person with the highest number goes first.
  2. Each player picks seven tiles from the pile of tiles and places it in their letter rack
  3. The game starts when the timer begins for 60 second.  The player makes the best word they can out of the seven letters they have within the 60 seconds and places it on the flat surface. 
  4. The word is scored by adding up the numbers on the letter tile
  5. The next persons word must link with the word already on the playing area.
  6. The game proceeds in a clockwise direction until there are no tiles left.
  7. The game ends when a player has used up all of their tiles and there are no tiles remaining in the set
  8. The winner is the one with the highest score.
Here are the kids in action today.  Look at the concentration.

Grace was a bit sad today because she came second.  She was not a happy camper at all.  Look at that sad little face.  Poor baby!  

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  1. I have never played Speed Scrabble, but I kind of want to now - it sounds fun, and intense!