Monday, 27 February 2012

~Right Now~

Right now, I am...
~enjoying every outdoor activity that we can before the cool of autumn/winter hits us.  We've been on loads of walks, runs, picnics, parks and enjoying meals outside.
~excited about getting my SLR back at the end of the week.  It has been a LONG time relying on phone pictures alone.
~feeling the excitement as we prepare for our overseas trips.  We're reading so many books on New York, D.C and looking at pictures from when Martin and I lived in New Jersey.  
~wanting to spend more time creating on my sewing machine.  I've got so many new ideas and products that I hope to share with you when we return from overseas...yippee!
~riding the high from planning and preparing for our trip and feeding off of the kids excitement about Disney
~enjoying homemade jam on my morning toast.
~holding off on putting the air conditioner on all the time.  I love fresh air but between cold mornings followed by boiling hot days, it feel like I push the 'on' button more than I should.
~grateful for "family" - both those we are born and marry into, and all the special friends we have in our life.  We're very blessed
~itching to complete my 'Flowers in the Snow" crochet blanket.  I'm hoping to have it ready before we head overseas (fingers crossed)
~wishing Martin didn't have to travel so much for work or spend so many hours there.  I love when we're together as a family of four.  The kids and I miss him so much when he's away
~smiling as I listen to the funny conversations that Paddy and Gracie share.  
~wondering why the kids couldn't get out of bed this morning and I had to remind them 3 times to get moving.
~loving the sounds from Patrick's oboe and hearing Gracie sing as she plays the keyboard.
~Wishing you a lovely and happy Tuesday~

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