Saturday, 11 February 2012

This Weekend I WILL Find Time

Time To Read - I visited the library yesterday and  borrowed The Paris Wife

Time to Smell the Roses - Last night I attended a meeting at Patrick's school and a dear friend watched the kids for me (Thank you Anita).  While they were there Gracie picked some lavender and my friend wrapped them in raffia and leaves.  I have the pretty bouquet sitting on my kitchen bench and I can smell the glorious lavender whenever I enter the room.  It brings a smile to my face.

To Paint Your Dreams - This artwork is not my 'dreams' but it is something that I am working on right now.

To Have A Coffee with a Friend - Some very special friends have recently moved from Sydney to Melbourne and we are catching up with them this afternoon in the park.  I LOVE having their beautiful family here with us in Melbourne - even if it's only for 5 months.  Our kids get on really well and I know Patrick and Grace are looking forward to a fun filled play time today.

To Learn A New Craft - I saw this the other day on Pinterest and as soon as I finish my crochet blanket, I will start working on the ripple effect. 

To Write A Letter - Yesterday a friend gave me a beautiful pair of earrings for my 40th.  It was so thoughtful of her and very unexpected.  I intend to write a little note to let her know how much her kindness and thoughtfulness mean to me.

To Bake A Cake - I try to do some baking on Sundays so the kids have something special for their school lunch boxes.  Sometimes we go through cook books together and other times I just surprise them with something I think they'll enjoy that is nutritious.

To Go Somewhere Special - We're going to see Hugo together.  It was something we had on our Summer Holiday List but we never got to do it.  Afterwards we'll go somewhere special for a late lunch or early dinner.

To REALLY Be With The Person You Love - It's the weekend.  I'm with my babies...yay!  
or even do nothing for a while... 
(I'm sure I can find time for that!)

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  1. I think I might have to print this list out and frame it and try to tick off lots of these next weekend! :)