Friday, 10 February 2012


Yay, it's Friday.  Friday night is my favourite night of the week and it's followed by my two favourite days, Saturday and Sunday...hooray!

I'm linking up with Jeanett again for InstaFriday

life rearranged
On Sunday we had some special time - Family Drawing Time
It's not long until we head to the US for a family holiday.  We are all excited and counting down the days.  NYC, Washington DC, Orlando and Hawaii here we come.  I sewed a little bag to keep our passports safe and sound.

I love having a little girl and doing her hair each day.  French braiding is our favourite way for school but on the weekend she likes to wear it out with a bow on it.
This week I sewed a little pouch for my iPhone.  I love how the pouch stands out in my bag when I rummage through it when I'm looking for the phone.
I added new pencil jars and printed this for Valentine's Day for the kids homework table.  I hope it keeps them focused when they're completing their work.
I didn't make these but I bought them as a treat for my babies for afternoon tea.  It brought a smile to their faces when they saw them and that made me smile too.
We have a new toy - a gum ball machine.  I have always loved them, especially the vintage ones, so I decided to splurge when I saw this baby.  My kids aren't allowed gum often so it will be a 'huge' treat when they can have some.  We had fun filling it up together.

Wishing you a happy weekend! x


  1. Would it sound really corny if I said I loved pretty much everything you shared about your family's life in this post? The family drawing time, your kid's homework table, braiding your daughter's hair - I'm very inspired!!! I picked you were a fellow Aussie by your kid's school uniforms, I think that no matter what part of the country we live in, they're all quite similar! Lovely to have 'found' you (via InstaFriday).

  2. Love your iPhone pouch! So cute! :)