Thursday, 23 February 2012


Do you ever wish for a more simplistic lifestyle?  Some days I feel myself rushing here, there, everywhere and getting stressed at the kids and myself because we were meant to be some place 15 minutes ago...aghh!

I know that life in the past was difficult and I know people worked harder physically, but to me there is something so beautiful about living a lifestyle of years gone by - growing vegetables, making clothes,  knitting or crocheting, cooking delicious wholesome meals, spending time together as a whole family.  I know that all of this involves hard work but what is it that makes it so personally appealing?  What is it that ignites my fire?

I sometimes wonder if I have this romantic image of it because of my grandparents?  All of my grandparents were born in country NSW (I was too - Mudgee, to be exact).  My mother's parents lived in the country for many years and we visited them regularly.  I loved visiting them and hearing stories of their life on the farm and in the town and of the card games they played and how their neighbours visited them regularly and how they had little get togethers and ate scones and jam.  It sounds so romantic, almost blissful.  Sometimes I catch myself dreaming of living that life - a life of sitting by the fire reading a book or sewing by hand or knitting and crocheting.

Unfortunately, my life will never duplicate that lifestyle.  I can only dream about it.  However, I do feel the need to desire less 'stuff' and focus on the little things, the important things.  I want my children to appreciate and love the simple things in life.

A final thought...

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