Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thursday Thought

The first time I heard this quote I was in Year Ten.  I distinctly remember sitting in class and the teacher listing the ways we can let our light shine for all to see - through our talents, our gifts, our attitudes, our beliefs, our faith and so on.  It is one lesson and quote that has always stuck with me and one that I reflect on often - especially when I hear myself say "I can't do it!"   So, who am I not to be brilliant, talented or fabulous?  

A few people have asked if I will sell some of the things that I sew, create and make and I have always been too shy, reserved or left the question unanswered but I am starting to think - yes, I will.  I will let this little talent/gift I have be used for good purposes.  I will let that light 'shine'.  Stay tuned for more on this!

So, how will you let your light shine today?

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