Friday, 10 February 2012

Organisation Freak

I believe everything in its place and a place for everything.  Does that make me an organisational freak? 

I think it is in my genes, when I look at my mum and me dad, they are the same.  Things belong in a certain spot and that is where they should be.  It is how I am wired.  I remember as a small child organising my clothes into piles and being sure that everything was folded correctly.  I couldn't sleep at night until everything was put away.  I am still the same way.  I can't stand waking up in the morning to a chaos.  I like everything calm, peaceful, serene.

Saying that, I do have a few areas that challenge me.  We have moved house a lot - in fact, 15 times in 16 years!  Every house has it's own organisational pattern and it takes some time to find what feels right.  Sometimes I move certain items back and forth until everything looks and feels right.  My biggest challenge would be my linen cupboard.  I love things to be folded in a certain way but because of cupboards size and shape it doesn't always fit how it should.  It drives me CRAZY!

I found this inspirational linen cupboards on Pinterest

I love how everything is in its correct pile - towels together, sheets together and also colour co-ordinated beautifully.   I also like the idea of storage containers or baskets to keep like items together.  

Another area I find challenging is my sewing room.  I spend so much time folding my materials and organising my sewing box.  It is an ongoing job.  I sometimes wonder if little hands (aka - Grace) gets in there for some exploring. 

I love this fabric area (below).  I like to see my fabrics rather than have them tucked up in boxes or bags.  That way I can see what fabrics would look good together.  It inspires me to be creative and think outside the 'usual' colour combinations.  

For those who know me well, they will tell you that I am an organisational freak but for those who are new here, now you know my secret.  If I visit your house I might be secretly organising your cupboards in my head - be warned.

Do you have a favourite way to organise a certain aspect of your home?

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