Friday, 24 February 2012


Yes, it's Friday again!  I'm linking up with Jeanett.
life rearranged
Homework!  Paddy gets so much these days.  He spends a lot of time either at the dining room table or our family desk.  This week he had to complete a research task on the history of his house colour.  Funny thing is, he has not complained about the amount of homework once.  I'm really proud of him.

Last Sunday we went for a walk in the Tan and then headed to Albert Park for a late lunch.  The shop window at Empire Vintage caught my eye immediately.  So much fun stuff and I loved the way it was displayed and such a gorgeous store.

A bit of down time at the cafe where we had lunch together and time to read the paper.  The headlines about the craziness of Australian politics as of late - pathetic!  No more said about that.

My little star, Grace received an award at the whole school assembly.  It's hard to see her but she is the shorty standing in the front line (4th from the right of the photo).  She is a complete introvert so she hates standing out the front but I did see her give me a little wink for being proud of her award.  I'm proud of my little, quiet, shy munchkin, too.

At school this term, Grace's class are focusing on relationships.  Everyone made a pet rock.  This is Grace's - affectionately named "Tulip". 
Tulip's new home.  

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. x


  1. You can tell Gracie that her old preschool teacher is proud of her too, and is so happy to see her doing well at school xox

  2. hmmm...apparently that comment (and probably this one too!) was from an unknown source, but I'm sure you can guess who it was from ;)

    1. Hmm, if I am guessing correctly...I hope the house hunting and selling are going well.