Friday, 17 February 2012


life rearranged
Yes, it's that time of the week again and boy does it come around fast.
 I do love Friday's but the weeks seem to be whizzing by lately.  
Having a great time with our friends who have moved from Sydney to Melbourne.

My wonderful friend, Susie with her kids and Patrick and Grace.  We LOVE having them here in Melbourne with us.
Finding the time to read..aghh! 
This week I bought 3 books from The Book Depository to take on our holiday.  My aim is to read the whole three while we're away (wishful thinking..maybe?).  It is a LONG flight from Melbourne to New York so I'm hoping to get into them then. 
I made the kids a quick batch of cupcakes and sprinkled them with love.  
The kids devoured them very quickly.
This week I enjoyed a very rare lunch with Martin at one of our favourite cafes.  
Oboe practise.  Look at the concentration.
The kids LOVE daddy's carved apples.  
They eat the little bits as he carves and then enjoy the apple. 
I'm happy if it means they eat them and not waste them.

Valentine Waffles!
Grace loves to colour in.  She enters lots of colouring competitions.  She's won a few too.
Lavender is Gracie's favourite flowers.  I put together this little bunch for her.

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  1. found you via instafriday- your pics are beautiful. so many yummy edibles :)