Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Well yesterday I was made to eat my words about Martin and I not getting anything for each other for Valentine's because  I got a little surprise...hooray!  While he was in the US, San Francisco to be exact, he visited this museum...
and bought me these divine books.  
He knows me well!!

Is written by Lotta Jansdotter a Scandinavian born lady who now resides in one of my favourite parts of the world, Brooklyn, NY.  She is a self taught designer who launched her own company from a small studio in San Francisco (where she lived at the time) and now sells her products and designs online- stationery, cushions, handbags, beautiful linens and ceramics.   So simple, practical but divine.  Check them out here!

I love how this book gives glimpses of Lotta's home life.  It shows the distinctive, ordered and classic Scandinavian style.  It also has loads of decorating tips, family recipes, practical lifestyle advice and some bonus recipe cards and stencils.  

I just need some time to sit down and read it rather than just gasping over the sublime photographs.

Focuses on a number of contemporary crafters and designers and how they use various media to create beautiful pieces.   I love how the photos show the artists/crafters work environment, their work and the processes they use when creating.  So much inspiration.

Thanks, Martin.  I LOVE them and use chose well.   

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