Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hugo (the Movie)

The kids and I have just got home from seeing Hugo in 3D.  Check out the funky glasses below.  Don't they look great. No?
I have not read The Invention of Hugo Cabret but after seeing the movie, Hugo, I want to get the book and re-visit this magical story with the kids.  There are so many beautiful themes that wind through the story line - romance, friendship, determination, survival and it also has historical relevance with one of the main characters being George Melies the real film maker.

The story is set in the 1930's and focuses on a 12 year old boy named Hugo Cabret who, after the death of his father, lives in the walls of a Paris train station with his alcoholic uncle who is the time keeper for the bustling station.  Hugo survives by stealing food from the station vendors but his driving force is machinery and clockwork and most importantly to repair an automaton machine that his father was restoring before his untimely death.  In order to find the parts to complete the machine, Hugo steals from the owner of the stations toy booth (Ben Kingsley).  The crux of the story lies within the relationship of the main characters - Hugo, the toy shop owner - George Melies and the automation that Hugo is repairing.  
The acting is superb and deserves all the Academy Award Nominations - best director, best picture, best adapted screenplay, best score, best editing and best cinematographer.   

I also love how the film is disguised as a children's film.  Yes, I took my children and they enjoy it, (mind you, I never imagined taking them to see a Martin Scorsese film) but I think that I enjoyed it even more than them.  The filmography is breathtaking and I love how we experienced the origin and beauty of film making while taking in beautiful scenes of Paris from the stations clocks and windows.

Hugo is absolutely wonderful and I recommend it for children and adults alike. 

Psst - I am not paid for this review, I just hope that this post encourages you to go and see this magical film....go!

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