Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Our Holiday

I can't believe that in just two days we will be heading to the US for a wonderful family holiday.  We have been counting down the days since we booked the trip in January and to know the day is just about here is wonderful.  While we're gone we have some special friends staying at our house here in Melbourne and that also makes us happy.  Knowing that our friends can enjoy a holiday too and we can share marvellous Melbourne with them.

Our first stop is NYC.  We will be staying in Manhattan, my favourite city in the whole wide world.  Martin and I were lucky enough to live not too far away from there (about 40 minutes or so) prior to having the kids.  We have such special memories of the city and we cannot wait to share them with the kids.  Grace is most excited abut going to The American Girls Cafe while Paddy is looking forward to The American Museum of Natural History.  Me, I cannot wait to visit Central Park and walk up and down the streets that I enjoyed wandering years ago.  I have a few favourite restaurants in Greenwich Village that we hope to re-visit.  We're also planning to take the kids to a show on Broadway.  We thought of seeing Annie but that is showing in Sydney right now and one of Patrick's friend is Annie so we will try and see it there.  Our other thought was Billy Elliot.  I know there is some swearing in it but it might be the best pick for the two of them.  Any ideas?

From NYC we will drive through New Jersey and show the kids where we lived.  We often talk about the incredible time we had when we lived there so it will be good to show them what it was like.  We also hope to visit some outlet malls along the way.  Nothing like American outlet shopping, especially with the strength of the Australian dollar...yay!  

We will then head straight to Washington DC where we will spend most of our time at the Smithsonian Museums and visit Capitol Hill,  Arlington National Cemetery and the White House.  I also hope that we have time to visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Then it's a flight down to the happiest place on earth 
Squeal...happy jumps!
I am just as excited as the kids.

From there, we'll take our happy but tired bodies for some rest and relaxation in Hawaii

And that, my friends is what I have to look forward to over the coming weeks. 
Can I say excited...yippee!


  1. Have a fabulous time Jane. Sounds wonderful! Hope you and fam have a lovely break. xx

    1. Thanks, Gab. We're getting excited. The bags are just about packed. Only two more sleeps.

      Did you receive the movie tickets? I popped them in the post on Saturday.

    2. Jane, I did receive the tickets. I did reply in the post about them on your blog. Thank you so much. I was so excited to get such a lovely little gift. xx

  2. Happy Holidays Bakers!! Sounds like an amazing trip is planned, can't wait to see photos :) Enjoy the family time and the making of lifelong memories xo

    1. Thanks, Juliet. I will do my best to blog as we travel along. No doubt there'll be many photos and lots of stories to share.