Sunday, 25 March 2012

NYC ~Day One~

Well today we were up nice and early.  In fact, we were all up and ready before the sun - 5.30am!  Our bodies are trying to adjusting to US time.  Since we were up, we decided not to waste a minute and to get out for the day.  It was so peaceful walking up 5th Avenue and finding somewhere for breakfast.  There was hardly anyone about but for a city that never sleeps, there wasn't a lot open. After walking for more than a mile, we ended up in a little cafe right round the corner from our first port of call - The Empire State Building.

Now, I have to say that I got the most incredible photos when we were up in the building but unfortunately all of my photos on my camera have been erased.  I have no idea how it happened.  It's not the first time it has happened on this camera either...grrr.  The camera stated that the memory card was full so I turned it off but when I switched it on to delete what I could, all the memory had been erased.  Major meltdown!!!  I was not happy.  All the photos from on top of the building and also some incredible ones from the 9/11 Memorial and the Statue of Liberty...grrr!  Gone!  I cannot change that they have gone so I'm not angry anymore, just sad that I don't have many photos to share from our wonderful day.
The 9/11 Memorial was a very moving experience.  Patrick has always been fascinated with 9/11.  I guess it's because he often hears the news and the fact that something so tragic happened during his lifetime (he was 2 weeks old).  He had so many questions and to see the size of the buildings and the list of names put a whole lot of questions into perspective.  Grace on the other hand had no idea about 9/11 and was in shock about the whole tragedy.  I wish I could let her live in that little bubble that surrounds her and shield her from such tragedy but the questions she had were thought provoking too.  She was more interested in how many people survived than those that died because that made her feel happier for the children who had their parents with them. Look at the rainbow we saw sparkling in the sky above the new constructions.  Awe inspiring!

I could have missed going to The Statue of Liberty.  I went so many times when we lived here when friends came to visit and the queueing is not fun at all.  We ended up wasting more than 2 hours in a queue that got us onto the boat to Liberty Island and then we couldn't even go to the viewing tower of the statue because it was closed.  Anyway, despite me not enjoying it, I know the kids did and that makes me glad.

We've just got home from dinner - another delicious dinner.  New Yorker's really know how to do amazing food in a perfect setting.  Every meal that we've had so far has been beautiful and the service is always so friendly and warm.  Everyone who has served us has deserved their tips and more. 

With all this eating, I'm glad for all the walking and I even managed to fit in a quick run between The Statue of Liberty and dinner.  Thank goodness I did with all the scrummy, yummy food.

Grace is petrified on the NYPD.  I have told her over and over again that they help make the city safe but the guns and the cuffs make her even more wary.   On our way back from dinner tonight, we spotted a smiley, friendly Police Officer and we managed to get a photo with him.  We told hi about Grac'e reservations and he really joked around with her and asked her to try using the cuffs on him.  She thought it was hilarious and now every NYPD have become her hero.

At dinner tonight - look at my tired little travellers.
I'm off to sleep so I'm ready for another busy, busy day.  I hope that we can all sleep in to at least 6am.

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