Monday, 12 March 2012

Going Green

Did you realise that St Patrick's Day is fast approaching?  I love to make a big deal of this holiday and go all out.  First of all both Martin and I have a little Irish blood flowing through us and secondly we have a boy named Patrick (a.k.a - Paddy) who has always loved celebrating 'his' day.  

Over the weekend I started to get some of the 'green' stuff out of storage and didn't really like what I saw.  Yes, I loved the books and the subway printables but I didn't like the garland.  It just looked blah and I knew that I needed to create something new.
So, Paddy, Grace and I went into action.  
Using green cardboard we cut out some shamrocks.
Stuck them on book pages downloaded from Google.  
(I went into Google and searched - book pages, clicked on images and then selected the ones that I thought suited the project best.)  However, if you have an old book floating around that you could quite happily chop up, use that instead.
We stuck the shamrocks onto the printed book pages.
Embellished the shamrock with a green button stuck on with craft glue.
Punched a hole on both sides of every page 
and strung the pages onto a piece of string
...and hung them on the mirror in our dining room. 
We couldn't stop with just the garland and went a bit 'green' crazy.  
We proceeded to decorated the sideboard with all things green.
The kids desk looked like it needed some greening up so we downloaded this printable from eighteen 25, framed it and also added some more shamrocks to our pencil tins.
Look how cute they turned out. 
 Grace wanted to draw and create straight away but she settled quite happily with a 
No doubt, I'll have another 'green' post in the days ahead.  
Tell me, how do you and your family celebrate St Patrick's Day?
Do you go all out, skip it all together or just do a few things to mark the day? 

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