Monday, 5 March 2012

Bliss Filled

Bliss and Mama (Mum) in the same sentence brings a big smile to my face.  I love the journey that I am traveling along with my kids but added to that, I find that I need to focus on not losing 'me' along the way.  It's easily done, trust me.  Not so long ago, Martin and I went out for dinner, just the two of us, a very rare occurrence.  Before leaving we said we'd *try* and make a conscious effort not to talk about the kids.  Phew, it was tricky.  After a while the conversation flowed a lot more easily but with the kids being our biggest focus it's only natural that our conversation ebbs and flows around them.

The other day I spotted this eBook - Self Care for Soulful Mothering.  The eBook is exactly where I am right now - *trying* to be a loving, present mother while balancing time and energy to be creative and do things that I enjoy, too.  

I know all too well that being a Mum makes it very tricky to sit down read a book.  Hmmm, you should see my bedside table.  I have way too many books waiting to be read, but one positive of this book is that you get an MP3 recording.  I actually listened to it when I was doing the school drop-off's and pick-ups.

Honestly, I love my life.  It's the life I chose.  One that I have been blessed with.  Even if it involves folding tons and tons of laundry and scrubbing the toilets - Life is good!  I know that being a mother is my soul purpose and I wouldn't change it for the world.

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