Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Beauty of New York

I know the stereotypical image of New York is of grunge, pollution, cars, dirt, grime and filth.  In all honesty it is... 

...however, if you look beyond the negatives of the city you find beauty in the most amazing places.  The residents of the city have done an incredible job at making this city pretty, quaint and homely.  Yes, I am talking about New York!  As I turn every corner or walk down any street I find pieces of beauty.  Things that make me smile.  Something that I feel the need to share with the kids or with Martin.  These things are worth noting and holding in your heart.

Now, before you look at the pictures below, I know that it is spring and that means bursts of colour and life but my reflection is on how the residents have used nature, how they have found tiny pieces of earth or small little areas to brighten a somewhat grey city.
Our little family have found some places that make us all feel right at home.  For Patrick, we have St Patrick's Cathedral on 5th Avenue.  Below I have special spots for Martin, Grace and me.  Home!


  1. As an Australian that dropped by I would like to say thank you for sharing these picture. I enjoyed them.

    1. Thank you. I love sharing them. I have some posts from our last two days but I am having a lot of trouble posting them. I hope to get to an Apple store and post them later today (fingers crossed).