Friday, 2 March 2012


Yes, it's Friday again!  I'm linking up with Jeanett.
life rearranged
It has been a busy week but a good one nonetheless.

This is Patrick and Grace's favourite way to watch television - snuggled up together on the single chair.  Sometimes Paddy put's his arm around her and that melts my heart.  They have their moments, but in general, they are great friends.     
One of the kids favourite thing for their school lunch boxes - homemade banana bread!  I always seem to have an over ripe banana floating around and I hate to waste food.

A long over due visit to the hairdresser for me.  Now that I'm 40 I've sprouted more grey hairs than I care to admit.

Good-bye grey and about 4 inches.
Grace loves reading Princess Poppy and the latest book had Poppy and Honey making a Herb Hospital for their dolls.  Grace couldn't help herself and got busy creating.  Now our playroom (and her bedroom!) has lots of little bowls of herbs and an outline of what the herbs purpose is - Lavender is for calm...etc

My Mum wrote a card to this kids and enclosed some photos of their cousins.  Grace has not stopped looking at them and even took the photos to bed with her.  Her cousins (on my side of the family) are twin boys aged three and a little girl who just turned one.  The kids miss all of their cousins a lot.  One disadvantage of living away from family.
Working on some new sewing ideas.  i hope to share these with you soon.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


  1. homemade bananas bread. my kids would LOVE a lunch like that! happy weekend to ya

  2. Great pictures! Isn't getting your haircut the best?

  3. Absolutely. this one was a long time coming. I hadn't had it cut since November. With the busyness of Christmas and the school holidays (in Australia) getting my hair done was not a priority.